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Formula explained

Get ready to experince skin splittling pumps with VZN's ultimate blood flow complex.

Pump Potion was perfectly crafted to be taken by itself for a non-stim pre-workout option, or to be stacked with our Dialed or Forbidden for the perfect workout experience.


- L-Citrulline is a core ingrediingredient that helps while training by increasing blood Arginine levels. It plays a primary role in providing blood flow and decreasing muscle fatigue.

HydroMax (65% Glycerol)

- Glycerol helps hold fluid in your muscle and has been shown to imrpove hydration, decrease fatigue, and improve performance. Most importantly, it works to deliver a sick pump.


- Derived from casien, VasoDrive-AP helps increase nitric-oxide production and helps increase natural energy levels.


- BioPerine is a Black Pepper Extract that increase blood supply to the msucles and has been shown to increase thermogenisis, generating energy in the human body.