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Frequently asked questions

Right now, you can find DIALED, FORBIDDEN, and Stringers exclusively here on our website!

There is a total of 300mgs of caffeine in our daily driver DIALED pre-workout. 250mg from Caffeine Anhydrous which you will feel not long after consumption and then 50mg of delayed caffeine to eliminate the mid-workout crash.

We reccomend consuming one serving of DIALED or FORBIDDEN about 30 minutes prior to physical activity.

To simply put it, our products are formulated with utmost quality and value in mind. Meaning, that in 1 scoop, you are certain you have all the ingredients neccessary to crush your next workout.


best i've ever physically and
mentally felt on a
preworkout. crazy


"Tried it this morning for more
workout, wow man! Tastes amazing
which I was shocked by."

Alex H.

Yo I iust wanted to say I love your
product. I've tried a lot of pre and
I'm being dead serious when I say
dialed is my favorite.

Tracie K.